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2-Tone Brown Kraft Paper

Kraft Business Cards

Kraft is a two toned uncoated brown stock. The front side is smooth with a light brown colouring with a slight flecked/rustic appearance, the back side is a more muted brown with a rougher more textured feel and has more obvious flecks of light and dark colour.

Kraft paper is ideal for a vintage, rustic look and feel. It is not a thick board but is suitable for lightweight business cards, greeting cards, post cards, presentation materials, invitations and folded products.

Kraft Postcards close up

Kraft paper affects the way that colours appear. We recommend not using light colours or pastel colours as they will not be very visible against the natural brown of the stock. When you view your proof any white areas in the proof will be considered transparent and will end up being brown paper/card in the final product. Your design and proof will not be colour accurate as most inks are transparent and the brown of the paper stock will show through almost all colours.

Kraft Sample Chart

Kraft Paper is currently available across our range of flyers:

A3 Flyers

A4 Flyers

A5 Flyers

DL Flyers

A6 Flyers

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