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Outdoor banners

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Outdoor banners are an affordable, versatile and effective way of increasing visibility or promoting events in your local area.

Outdoor banners are a perfect advertisement tool for all kinds of outdoor & indoor events such as live shows, sporting events, fundraisers, festivals, concerts, open days and conferences. They also make great outdoor signage and can be tied to fences, poles, frames and other supports.

Finishing Options:


Your banner will be cut to size but has no other finishing. This option is best suited to very short term promotions such as sales or event promotion.


Eyelets will be placed every metre around the perimeter of your banner. These eyelets are ideal if you wish to use your own rope, or to zip tie your banner to a fence. The edges will be welded to prevent fraying. This option will allow you more flexibility with installation

eyelet closeup

With Rope

This option is ideal for installation between 2 poles or fences. The edges will be welded to prevent fraying. Rope is placed inside the sewn hems, allowing the banner to be tightened.

rope closeup

Banner Details

All banners are printed on heavy duty 440gsm (900 denier) PVC vinyl banner stock with a satin finish.

Our durable banners are capable of withstanding the extremes of weather and are UV resistant in direct sunlight for 24 months.



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