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Ordering 'Check My File/s & Make Press Ready'

Information on Ordering Check My File/s & Make Press Ready

'Check My File/s & Make Press Ready' involves the process of making your artwork acceptable for commercial printing or checking the file for you prior to going to press.  Please note, this is not the same as creating your design from scratch (graphic design). 

Click here if you require us to create your artwork design for you (graphic design), rather than 'Check My File/s & Make Press Ready.' 

Check my Files & Make Press Ready does not include: 

  • Making Typesetting/Text Changes within your artwork 
  • Aligning Text or Images
  • Replacing Images within your artwork
    If you require these changes please add Typesetting & Design to your order.
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to carefully check the proof we send you and confirm that we can proceed with printing.

When ordering you will need to supply us with:

  • Your Artwork (Preferably both your PDF and your working files with images embedded and fonts supplied or outlined). 
  • Your Instructions.  

    Your instructions should include:

  • The program/version that your artwork was created in.
  • What needs fixing in your artwork.  E.g. the size, bleed, RGB images, fonts, etc...
  • Or if you just require us to check over your supplied artwork.  

    During the online ordering process you will be asked to upload the items above.  Before uploading, you may need to combine the items together in a .zip file. 

    Check My Artwork & Make Press Ready Includes:

    We will ensure that your artwork is correctly prepared for commercial printing.  This includes:
  • If your artwork is the wrong size, and if your artwork allows us to do so, we will re-size your artwork to the correct size.
  • If your artwork has no bleed, or incorrect bleed, where possible we will amend the bleed (internal and external) to be correct.
  • If your artwork is supplied in the wrong colour space, we will convert it to CMYK.
  • If there are missing fonts in your artwork, we will substitute any missing fonts with standard windows fonts.
  • It is your responsibility to spell check all supplied text and all soft PDF proofs.  We will not spell check your artwork, and we cannot be held responsible for spelling mistakes or misalignment of text due to artwork being on a fold or in a diecut or hole drilled area, not being prepared correctly or creep not being allowed for, in your final printing.

    We will then create a soft PDF proof for your approval.  This will be supplied within 2 working days from receipt of final payment of your order.  Please check your soft proof very carefully as it is your responsibility to ensure the artwork is exactly as you require us to print.

    Please note, postscript, overprint or transparency problems inherent in your supplied artwork may not always be visible in the created soft PDF proof.  We will not be held responsible for any printing problems caused by overprint, transparency or creep issues in your supplied artwork or elements of your supplied artwork.  Rectifying such issues is not a part of  'Check My File/s & Make Press Ready.' To help avoid such problems, do not supply artwork that contains elements which have unflattened transparencies, are set to overprint (with the exception of very fine black text) or have not been set up to allow for creep..

    When ordering, if you select the “Priority Surcharge” please understand that this ONLY applies to printing and dispatch of your order, and not to the 'Create Artwork Design For Me' (graphic design) service.

    Click here if you require us to create your artwork design for you (graphic design), rather than 'Check My File/s & Make Press Ready.'

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