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Canva Guideline Templates

We’ve made creating your artwork in Canva as simple as can be! Please find our huge range of pre-set Canva templates listed below for your convenience.

How to Use Canva Templates

Canva Handy Hints

  • Our templates are pre-set with internal and external bleed guides. Please refer to the instructions shown below.
  • Please thoroughly check all PDF’s that you create through Canva prior to supplying files to us (to ensure your PDF(s) match what is shown onscreen in the editor).

Step 1: Opening our Canva templates

  • Select the heading for the template category you require, e.g. Flat Media (you will need to scroll down to see the headings on mobile devices)
  • To show available templates, click the + button for the product size and type you require.
  • Then click the link for the template you wish to use. This will open Canva.
  • Click ‘Use template for new design’ to open the template (login to Canva if prompted).

Step 2: Using our Canva templates

  • In the top left corner of the editor, select File > Settings
    • Tick ‘Show rulers and guides’
    • Tick ‘Show print bleed’. This will generate a box that appears beyond the trim edge.
    • Un-tick ‘Show margins’ (Margins are turned off as internal bleed margins are shown using ruler guides instead)
  • Please delete the template instructions box and any text labels or lines. These instructions, lines and labels are to help you design your artwork correctly and should not be left on artwork.
  • Setting the internal bleed
    Make sure all text, logo’s and important elements are placed inside the purple ruler guides (see diagrams below) to ensure these elements are included in your finished printing.
    (Click to enlarge images below)

✔ All text is within the 3mm internal bleed guides

✖ The letter ‘m’ is outside the 3mm internal bleed guides

  • Setting the external bleed
    Make sure all elements/ backgrounds that go to the trim edge of your design (the dashed guide) also extend to the external bleed margin (the outermost guide on the template).
    (Click to enlarge images below)

✔ The yellow background extends all the way to the external bleed guides

✖ The yellow background does not extend all the way to the external bleed guides

  • Borders and Strips
    If you wish to include borders or strips in your artwork, please review our requirements here.
    Note: Our Canva templates do not include pre-set guides for borders/strips, therefore if you intend to use these in your artwork, you will need to manually add guides to our templates. To do this:

    • File> Settings> Make sure Show Rulers & Guides is ticked.
    • Click on the ruler and drag a guide onto your design, ensuring the guide is placed 5mm inside the trim edge (the dashed guide).

Step 3: Saving the PDF for Print

a. Please delete any guides or instructions before proceeding.

b. In the top right corner of the editor, click ‘Share’

c. Then click ‘Download’

d. Select the File type as ‘PDF Print’

e. Tick the ‘Crop marks and bleed’ checkbox
(Ensure ‘Flatten PDF’ and ‘Include notes’ are not ticked)

f. Select the Colour Profile:

      • If you are using Canva Pro, select CMYK
      • If you are not using Canva Pro, leave the selection as RGB

g. Click the ‘Download’ button

h. Carefully review your PDF file to ensure everything appears correct

Flat Media Templates

These templates are for flat media only.

For instructions on how to use our Canva templates please click here.

Business Card Canva Templates

Flyers, Cards & Notepads Canva Templates

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Folding Templates

These templates are for folded items such as brochures, greeting cards & folded menus.

For instructions on how to use our Canva templates please click here.

A4 Folding Templates

Double DL (4pp DL) Folded to DL Templates

8pp DL Folding Templates

A3 Folding Templates

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Saddle Stitched Magazine Templates

For instructions on how to use our Canva templates please click here.

A4 Saddle Stitched Templates:

A5 Saddle Stitched Templates

DL Saddle Stitched Templates

DL Saddle Stitched Magazine

Invoice / Quote Books & Pads

For instructions on how to use our Canva templates please click here.

Invoice/Quote Books

Invoice Pads