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Our response to COVID-19

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the health and well being of our staff, customers and suppliers is our absolute top priority.

We would like to reassure all of our valuable customers that we are not going anywhere and that CMYK Colour Online Pty Ltd is open for business.

As a business we are taking all recommended precautions:

  • We have further increased our hygiene standards (which were already previously at a high level). Additional hand sanitizer stations have also been placed throughout the company, as well as awareness posters aimed at preventing the spread of the virus.
  • Being a 100% online company, physical interaction with the general public is already limited. However, as a further precaution, we have now restricted access to our facilities to the general public and to all non-essential suppliers.
  • We maintain sufficient inventory of all materials needed to produce your orders. We do not expect any disruptions in production.

If you have any specific questions please email or drop us a line through our contact form.