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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever had a question and either didn’t know where to find the answer or were a little embarrassed to ask? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

As the name of this page suggests, this is a compilation of answers to the questions many of our customers commonly ask.

If you cannot find an answer to your questions below, please feel free to drop us a line on our contact us page .  One of our team will then assist you with your enquiry.

Payment Questions:

What payment methods can I choose from?
We accept payment by credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD only) or direct deposit into our bank account.

What are your bank account details?
Our Bank details are:

CMYK Colour Online

Bank: National Australia Bank

BSB No: 083-253

Account Number: 941504702

What happens if my credit card declines?
If your credit card payment declines you will be given a warning/error message. Please note, it is not possible to complete/place an order through our online system with a declined credit card.

Do you keep credit card information on file?
No, CMYK Colour Online does not store customers credit card details. All credit card transactions are completed by Payment Express. Payment Express only use the very latest security measures and are fully Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP (PCI DSS) compliant. To view the comprehensive security credentials for Payment Express, please click here.

Can I set up a payment account?
Unfortunately we do not offer payment accounts. We require payment in full when each order is placed. If you select payment by credit card, when your order is placed, your card will be immediately debited. If you choose payment by direct deposit, your order will not be processed until we receive confirmation of payment from our bank.

Do your prices include GST?
Our prices always include GST and in most cases also include delivery to anywhere in Australia. Delivery estimates including priority surcharges can be found by clicking the links on the left hand side of our web page and navigating to the items you require.

Why are your prices so low?
Our products are bulk printed and we run fully automated systems (from file upload all the way through to pre-press, production and dispatch).

Ordering Questions:

How do I place an order online?
Please click here for our comprehensive guide on how to use our online ordering process. The guide is broken down into a series of simple steps for your convenience.

How do I place multiple items on the one order?
Once you have added an item to your shopping cart, please click Continue Shopping to keep browsing for more products. When you are ready to place your order, please navigate back to your shopping cart and click on Proceed to Billing to begin the checkout process.

How long will my order take?
Dispatch estimates for all the products that we offer can be found by clicking the links on the left hand side of our web page and navigating to the item/s you require. Instructions on how to view our dispatch estimates can be found here.

Priority Dispatch is also available for many of our products. This can also be found by clicking the links on the left hand side of our web page and navigating to the item/s you require. Instructions on how to add the Priority Dispatch to your order can be found here.

Will I receive an email notification and tax invoice when I place an order?
Yes, on successfully completing your order you will receive an automated email tax invoice. A soft PDF proof will always be emailed for your approval prior to printing.

Is it possible to re-print a tax invoice?
Yes, you can re-print your tax invoice by following these instructions:

    • Click here and log in to your My Account.
    • Locate your order and click on More Details.
    • Click on the Invoice thumbnail icon.

Is it possible to order a re-print of a previous job?
Yes it is! If you require a re-print of a previous order, please follow these instructions:

    • Click here.
    • Fill out the re-order form
    • One of our team will then email you with instructions on how to complete and pay for your re-order

Can I order a larger quantity or an item not listed on you website?
Please click here and fill out the online form to submit a request for the quantity or item you require.

What happens after I place my order?
On receipt of your order and payment, a soft PDF proof will be sent to you for your approval.

If your artwork is incorrect and a soft PDF proof cannot be created you will be notified by email and given instruction on how to re-supply your artwork.

On approval of your soft PDF proof, your order will be sent to print. Please note, approval is final, once approval is received, it is not possible to change your order, artwork or delivery address in any way.

Is it possible to cancel my order?
If you wish to cancel your order please follow the steps below:

    • Please fill out our contact-us form or email with your cancellation request.
    • When contacting us, please clearly state the job number that you wish to cancel.
    • Please note, cancellation of an order may incur a cancellation fee as per the terms and conditions that must be agreed to when placing an order online (click here to view). It is not possible to cancel an order that has already been approved for printing.

Am I able to view testimonials from your clients?
Yes you are! To request testimonials please click here and fill out the online form. We will then then send you testimonials from many of our satisfied customers. Please feel free to contact any one of them regarding our quality and service.

Paper & Stock Questions:

Have questions on any of the various papers or stocks that we offer?
Description of the stock weights, types and finishes that we offer can be found on our stock descriptions page by clicking here.

What paper types/brands do you use?
We use a range of different paper types and paper suppliers. These can change due to price and availability. From time to time certain paper or card stocks may be unavailable. We reserve the right to substitute any paper or card with an equivalent type of gsm paper without notice.

Artwork Upload Questions:

How do I upload my Artwork?

Uploading artwork is part of our online ordering process. For a comprehensive guide on how to use our online ordering system please view our tutorial by clicking here.

What files should I upload?

As a discount online commercial printer we prefer press ready artwork which is correctly prepared for commercial printing.

When creating your artwork, please make use of our guideline templates, artwork requirements page and our Artwork Checklist. Even if you have over 30 years of pre-press experience, we would still like you to use our guideline templates!

If you have ordered one of our pre-press or design services:

Diagram showing our artwork options

Please upload:

    • All working files required for us to make your artwork press ready for you.
    • All information, graphics, logos, images and fonts required to create your design for you.

What is the maximum file size I can upload?

We can accept files up to 500mb in size. This is more than large enough to cater for correctly prepared press ready artwork.

If your artwork/files are bigger than 500mb, please distill your artwork using our job options file (please download here) and reduce all images to 300dpi to reduce your file size.

Proofing Questions:

What is a ‘soft PDF proof?’
A soft PDF proof is supplied for every order. The purpose of the soft PDF proof is for the customer to check that the correct file has been used, and that there are no issues with the artwork prior to going to press. We always advise our customers to check their soft PDF proof very carefully before giving their approval for print.

Will I be sent a soft PDF proof before my order is sent to print?
Yes, a soft PDF proof is always supplied for your approval prior to printing. Printing cannot commence until the proof has been approved.

What if I need to make changes after I have approved my proof?
We use a fully automated system and unfortunately it is not possible to change/cancel an order once approval of a proof has been made.

Do you offer hard copy proofs?
For large orders we may be able to provide a hard copy proof at an extra cost.

Please contact us here with your hard copy proof request (you will also need to supply the full print specifications). One of our team will then let you know if we are able to provide a hard copy proof for your job.

Can you amend my artwork for me?
Yes we can. We offer the following pre-press and graphic design services:

Both of these services can be selected when choosing your product and quantity (see screenshot below). If these services are not available for a certain product on our website, please click here and fill out the online form to request a quote from our design department.

Diagram showing our artwork options

Delivery Information:

What is the cost of delivery?
Our online prices always include free delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Can I arrange pickup of my order?
Unfortunately we do not offer a pickup service.

What is Priority Dispatch?
Our Priority Dispatch service guarantees faster dispatch from our printing facilities than our standard service. We recommend selecting the Priority Dispatch service for any orders that you require in a rush.

Full details and instructions on how to add the Priority Dispatch to your order can be found here.

Can my order be left at my delivery address without a signature?
Yes this is possible. On the ‘Order Details’ page (after you have clicked ‘Checkout’ in the shopping cart) there is the option to leave your printing outside or near the front door.

Diagram showing our artwork options

Printing Questions:

Do you print offset or digital?
We are proud to use both multi-million dollar digital as well as offset presses in our production facilities. Our digital presses are not digital photocopiers, but state of the art digital production presses.

The quality of both our offset and digital printing is comparable to the glossy magazines found on newsstands. Many instant printers claim to be digital printers by using colour copiers; this is not the case with us.

We reserve the right to print any job on the press of our choice at the time of production.

Do you guarantee colour matching?
To achieve our low pricing, our products are bulk printed and as such, we are unable to offer exact colour matching. Further to this, although we utilize the very best printing technology and colour maintenance procedures, colours may vary from day to day and press to press.

If your job is colour critical, please contact us first before placing your order.

Do you have a specific job options file?
Yes we do, please click here to navigate to our templates page to download our job options file