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Printed Menus

At CMYK we offer menu low cost menu printing services including free delivery Australia wide from Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane right through to the Outback.

We print menus for restaurants & cafes in a variety of sizes and types, with options suitable for both table menu printing and takeaway menu printing.  We can provide menus flat, scored or folded depending on your needs. Simply choose your item from the options below to proceed:

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Flat Laminated Table Menu

Table Menus | Flat

Our quality table menu printing will showcase your tantalizing dishes in the best possible light. These menus are provided flat (not folded).

These menus are available on paper stocks from 250gsm through to 420gsm.

All menus are laminated which both protects and enhances the look and feel of your restaurant menu design with the added bonus of making your menus more spill resistant.

We offer your choice of either high gloss laminate to make dark colours and photos jump off the page or softer matt laminate to provide a more subtle and sleek finish to your table menu.

A3 to A4 Menu Laminated and Scored

Table Menus | Scored & Supplied Flat

These menus feature one or more parallel scores for ease of folding. We offer the option of one, two or three parallel scores. These menus are delivered flat (not folded).

Our scored menus come in 250gsm or 350gsm Gloss Artboard.

All menus come with either our softer matt laminate or our high gloss laminate to help protect and enhance the appearance of your menus.

A4 folded to DL Table Menu

Table Menus | Folded

To save you and your staff time we also offer menus which arrive pre-folded. These menus are available in a wide range of stocks from 250gsm through to 350gsm.

Our folded menus are available in both matt-satin and gloss 250gsm & 350gsm artboards. For those looking for something different we also offer 2-tone brown Kraft Paper menus.

Our folding options are 4pp Half Fold, 6pp Roll fold or 6pp Z Fold. If you are unsure which option best suits your needs please view our easy to understand folding guidelines.

A4 folded to DL Take Away Menu Kraft Paper

Take Away Menus | Folded

Our Take Away Menus come pre-folded for ease of use. They are available in a range of stocks from 150gsm through to 170gsm.

We offer both A4 folded to A5 and A4 fodled to DL (roll folded and z-folded) options.

Printing menus for restaurants online has never been easier!

We service restaurants and cafes Australia wide and offer quality custom menu printing. Whether you require high quality laminated restaurant menus or cost effective takeaway menu solutions we offer menu options for all needs.

Our cheap takeaway menu printing options include both small runs and large runs of takeaway menus.

Can’t find the menu item you require? Please contact us for a custom quote. Use our fast quote request form for an even quicker response!

Menu Design

To help you prepare your Restaurant menu design, we offer blank menu templates for a wide range of graphics programs.

Or if you’d rather leave the creative menu design work to someone else we also offer affordable takeaway menu design.