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Learn about the difference between paper weight and thickness, the range of stock weights we offer and how paper weight is measured.

Understanding the difference between Paper Weight & Thickness

A4 Letterheads 140gsm Matt

Understanding paper weight and thickness terminology can be confusing but we’ll try to make it easier to understand below!

The term ‘GSM’ is a unit of weight for paper products and stands for ‘Grams per square metre’. The higher the GSM number, the heavier the paper will be.

A higher number of GSM doesn’t always necessarily equate to a ‘thicker’ paper stock. Paper thickness is measured in Microns. 1 micron = 1/1000 of a millimetre.

If you take two different papers, they may both be the same weight (e.g. 350gsm) but one may feel thicker than the other. One sheet of paper may be a coated 350gsm Artboard and the other may be 350gsm Kraft Paper. The type of wood pulp used, and the paper construction will affect the thickness of the paper. The Kraft Paper in this instance will feel thicker due to the paper construction as uncoated stocks with a rougher surface will generally be thicker than a coated paper which has been compacted (passed through high pressure rollers), even though the weight of both is the same.

Paper weight is important to understand to ensure that you are choosing the right stock for your printing needs. If you need any assistance please contact us and you can also order a free sample pack to see and feel the stocks that we offer.

Our Paper Weight Range

Standard office photocopier & printer paper. Perfectly suited to letterheads, with compliment slips and black and white documents. Also often used for the inner pages of wire bound books, novels, coloring books and manuals.

Our lightest artpaper stock weight. Very economical and perfect for flyers and promotional material (such as letterbox drops, promotional flyers, posters, etc..). Also suited for use in brochures, booklets and magazines.

A slightly heavier and more durable option. Ideally suited to flyers, brochures, menus and poster. Often also used for premium books, booklets and magazines.

Our heaviest ‘paper’ stock. Excellently suited for use in high quality flyers, brochures, posters and high end magazines, booklets and publications.

Our lightest artboard stock weight. Commonly used for economy business cards, and premium flyers, posters and marketing cards. This weight is also often used for the covers of books, brochures, magazines and publications.

A heavier board that is often laminated and is ideal for business cards, greeting cards and postcards. Also commonly used for the covers of high end premium booklets, magazines and publications.

A heavy, premium stock weight. Outstandingly suited to high end business cards, promotional cards and presentation folders. Often laminated for an extra premium feel and more durable finish.

Our strongest and heaviest artboard. Exclusively used for premium grade business cards. Always velvet laminated both sides for a superb luxurious finish.

The heaviest and thickest stock that we offer. This is a premium white uncoated stock supplied with a choice of 9 vibrant colours for the seam/edge. Exclusively used for our Ultra-Thick Deluxe Business Cards.

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