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Product Information | Plastic Loyalty Cards

Plastic Loyalty Card

Plastic Loyalty Cards are a great way to encourage repeat customers to your business. Our plastic loyalty cards are printed on 0.75mm high quality PVC plastic with rounded corners. Cards are printed double sided and can include any of the following additional features:

  • Magnetic strip (without encoding) Lo-Co
  • Signature Panel
  • Scratch Panel
  • Embossed Numbers
  • Barcodes

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Optional Specifications

When placing your order you can choose to add any of the options below:

Plastic Card Magnetic Strip

Example of Magnetic Strip

Example of Signature Panel and Barcode

Magnetic strip (without encoding) Lo-Co: Our magnetic scrips are provided without encoding however you can add the encoding once you receive your cards by using a magnetic stripe reader.

Signature Panel: Signature panels will always be white and must span the full width of the card.

Barcodes: Barcodes can be either Code 39 or Code 128 and can contain between 4 and 15 numbers (Barcode type and numbering can be selected during the checkout process). Barcodes can be placed anywhere on the card as long as the area it’s being placed on has a white background, it is 5mm inside the trim edge and it doesn’t conflict with the magnetic strip, embossed numbers or signature panel.

Embossed Numbers: Embossed numbers will be in 12pt in either Gold or Silver. They can be placed anywhere that is 5mm inside the trim edge as long as they don’t conflict with a magnetic strip, barcode or signature panel.

Scratch Panel: If you have a unique code or pin that you would like hidden until being scratched off, a scratch panel might be what you are looking for.

Artwork Resources and Guidelines

Setting Up Artwork for Plastic Loyalty Cards

To ensure your artwork is correctly prepared, please use our Guideline Templates for Plastic Loyalty Cards which can be found by clicking here. Before using our templates, please read the read me file first.

When creating your artwork, please also take into account:

  • Plastic loyalty card artwork must contain 5mm of internal and external bleed.
  • Artwork must be supplied with square corners. Do not supply artwork with round corners.
  • Embossed numbers will affect the design on the reversed of the cards. Numbering cannot overlap a magnetic strip, signature panel or barcode if selected.
  • The background of a barcode must be white. This is a scanning requirement. The barcode must be placed at least 5mm from the edges of the card and cannot overlap the magnetic strip, signature panel or embossed numbering if selected.

Please refer to the diagrams below:

Plastic Card Diagrams-Front
Plastic Card Diagrams-Back

Loyalty Card Design Service
We also offer affordable loyalty card design services. Simply select Affordable Design Service from the ‘My Artwork Options’ drop down menu on the instant pricing calculator on the product page.

If you still have questions, or cannot find what you are looking for in the resources provided above, please contact us by clicking here and one of our team will get back to you promptly.