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Our Range of Paper / Stock Types

Need help deciding on which stock type to choose for your printing needs? You are in the right place! On this page you can learn about the range of paper / stock types that we offer.

Stock Types

Laser Bond (80gsm-140gsm)

Being an uncoated stock, Laser Bond has a matt appearance and can easily be written on with a pen or pencil. It is designed to go through a desktop printer.

Uncoated Board (350gsm)

Bright white in colour with a premium uncoated finish (a matt look & texture). Due to the uncoated surface this stock is easy to write or draw on.

Linen (100gsm, 280gsm & 350gsm)

Linen Stock is characterised by a refined woven grid texture. It is commonly used for business cards, letterheads & invitations.

Matt-Satin Art (150gsm-350gsm)

Bright white in colour and matt coated both sides for a smooth low shine finish. These stocks have excellent reproduction for full colour images and photos. Matt-Satin Artpapers and Artboards are more resistant to environmental factors such as dirt, moisture and wear.

Gloss Art (115gsm-350gsm)

Gloss Artpaper and Gloss artboards have a smooth shiny finish. These stocks have excellent reproduction for full colour images and photos and are also more resistant to environmental factors such as dirt, moisture and wear. If you require a high gloss reflective finish we recommend you select Gloss Laminate with your order.

Artboard (420gsm)

A premium heavy weight option, this stock is an excellent choice for business cards and promotional materials. This stock is most often paired with Matt Laminate to enhance its premium feel.

Artboard (450gsm)

Our heaviest artboard. This premium card stock is both strong and rigid. A cost effective choice for high end business cards. This stock always comes with an additional Velvet Laminate on both sides.

Ultra-Thick Deluxe Board (634gsm /904gsm)

Click here for more detailed information including seam/edge colours and thickness options.

The heaviest and thickest stock that we offer! Available in two super thick options: 634gsm (820µms) or 904gsm (1180µms), this board is special in that it is supplied with a choice of 5 vibrant colours for the seam/edge. Bright white in colour with a premium smooth finish, this board is also unique in that it borrows some characteristics from uncoated stocks (it is easy to write on) and some from coated stocks (it can be laminated for a high-gloss, matt or velvet finish).

Exclusively used for our Ultra-Thick Deluxe Business Cards, click here for product pricing, priority dispatch and online ordering.

High Bulk Bleach Board (235gsm)

Coated on the outside (a smooth and shiny finish) and uncoated on the inside. This stock allows for excellent reproduction of sharp colour images on one side whilst allowing you to write on the other. Perfect for greeting cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc…

2-Tone Brown Kraft Paper (185gsm)

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A premium 2-toned brown Kraft stock. One side is smooth, and one side is rough & textured. Due to the uncoated surface, this stock is ideal to write or draw on.

Do you also need help choosing your paper weight? Click here for our detailed explanation. We also offer a range of Recycled Stock options for your consideration as well.

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