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Our Range of Specialty Stocks

To help select the right stock for your needs, please view our specialty stock descriptions below:

2-Tone Kraft Paper / Board

Kraft board is a two toned uncoated brown stock. The front side is smooth with a light brown colouring with a slight flecked/rustic appearance, the back side is a more muted brown with a rougher more textured feel and has more obvious flecks of light and dark colour. We offer this stock in a 225gsm (381um) board option and a 283gsm (508um) board option.

When designing for kraft board, please treat white areas as being transparent (they will end up being the brown colour of the paper). Also, as printing inks are always slightly transparent, the brown of the kraft paper stock will show through and alter colours even when the ink percentage is over 100%.  For this reason, the colours in your design will be noticeably different to the colours on the finished kraft paper product.

Please refer to the diagram below for an approximate example of how common colour combinations/breakdowns appear when printed on kraft paper / board.

Kraft board is currently available across a wide range of our online products, including our range of cards: A3 Cards  |  A4 Cards  |  A5 Cards  |  DL Cards  |  A6 Cards

If you’re interested in using kraft board for a different printing project or require larger quantities please contact us by clicking here.


Available in 100gsm, 280gsm and 350gsm, our premium linen papers exude sophistication.

These specialty stocks boast a crisp, tactile finish that makes them the perfect choice for stationery or greeting cards where you need to leave a lasting impression.

Bright white with a classic yet subtle embossed texture, the woven crosshatch pattern of our uncoated linen papers is reminiscent of fine linen fabric and is universally admired for its elegance.

Due to the paper manufacturing process (particularly on the heavier weight stocks), the embossed linen texture may appear more pronounced on one side of the sheet. When printing on linen stocks, we will always print the first page of double-sided designs on the more textured side of the sheet.


Magnets are printed on 0.8mm thick material and gloss laminated front only for extra durability.

We offer square cornered, round cornered and custom shape magnets. Magnets are a great choice for a longer lasting promotional message that your customers can stick to their fridge or similar metallic surface.

Matt-Satin Synthetic

Made from polyester, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP) our synthetic stocks boast extreme tear & water resistance as well as being oil resistant. With a hi-white matt-satin surface, these stocks have excellent colour reproduction. Available in a multiple weights (160gsm & 261gsm), our synthetic stocks are suited to almost any application (from light weight flyers or maps through to heavy weight cards or menus). The perfect choice for jobs that require durability and re-usability without sacrificing quality.

Our customers often use these stocks when printing menus, food or hospital tray liners, product manuals, business cards, cook or recipe books, safety or warning cards/sheets, hiking or trail maps, horticultural tags, id cards, luggage tags, medical cards, membership cards, and much more.

Our synthetic stocks are currently available across a wide range of our online products. If they are not available for the product you are interested in, or if you require a custom quantity or specification not available on our website,  please contact us by clicking here.

Mouse Pads

We offer 3 different stock options for our Mouse Pads:

  • 3mm Rubber Sponge Backing
    One of our most popular and economical options. With a 3mm thick rubber sponge back, they are light weight yet have a solid feel.
  • 0.23mm Micro-Thin PVC with Non-Slip Backing
    These mouse mats are super thin and super tough! With mouse friendly textured laminate, these are sleek, modern and ideal for mail-outs.
  • 1mm Natural Rubber Sponge Backing
    Our most premium mouse pad. With 1mm Natural Rubber backing, they are solid, robust, yet sleek in design.

Plastic Cards

Plastic cards are strong, rigid and waterproof and they can be used as business cards or loyalty cards.

Plastic Cards are available in two thicknesses. Either 0.76mm white PVC (the same thickness as a standard credit card) or 0.4mm White PVC.

Loyalty & VIP Cards are always printed on 0.76mm white high quality PVC with 3mm rounded corners. These cards also have the option of including special finishes such as signature panels, embossed numbers and barcodes.

Click here for a comprehensive guide to our plastic and loyalty & VIP cards.

Ultra-Thick Deluxe Board

Ultra-Thick Deluxe Board is the heaviest and thickest stock that we offer at a stunning 700gms. This board is unique in that the face of the stock is bright white in colour with a premium uncoated finish, yet the edge/seam of the board is supplied with a choice of 9 vibrant colours.

Ultra-Thick Deluxe Board is currently available for our business card range. For additional artwork & product info please see here.

If you’re interested in using this stock for a different printing project or require larger quantities please place a contact us by clicking here.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us by clicking here and one of our team will get back to you promptly.

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